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A stunning new social media tactic

The New York Times “You’re the Boss” blog about small business ran a piece Friday by MP Mueller about a stunning new social media tactic: handwritten notes.

The timing of the article was interesting. I was wrapping up a week of business and sales coaching with a personal mentor when Cynthia sent us the article. The coach and I had actually been talking earlier in the week about handwritten notes as a way to get noticed, to stand out in an increasingly digital world, and to demonstrate your commitment to and the value you hold for your clients and colleagues.

SP thank-you card

A handwritten note can have a big impact, and a nice-looking card with your logo might stay on a contact's desk, bookshelf, or windowsill for a while, keeping you in mind.

Several recent examples help illustrate why we think handwritten notes are a good idea. A friend was surprised and delighted to receive my handwritten thank-you for her introduction to a friend who is a magazine editor. The intro led to a coffee and, soon thereafter, an article assignment. I was making the rounds at a local university when I spotted our distinctive notecard on another client’s windowsill. She had hired me to write a couple of magazine articles and referred me to a colleague who subsequently tapped us for some internal writing work. When another potential client called to offer a gig, the first thing he said was, “Thanks, I received your card” sent in appreciation of the opportunity to interview.

It helps that Scheiderer Partners has a beautiful and memorable notecard designed by the fabulous Jen Pennington of Rhizome Design & Images in Seattle. We think our logo-based card is an eye-grabber and hope its recipients will keep it on display on their desks or bulletin boards for a long time, and that it helps keep us on top of their minds the next time they need the writing, research, strategic communication, or public affairs services Scheiderer Partners offers.

As we wrote previously about making true contacts out of Twitter connections, it takes some effort to cut through the constant chatter of social media and electronic communication in order to successfully reach your audiences. It can help to go old school and put pen to paper. Do you still have a mailbox? Don’t be afraid to use it, and to keep the handwritten note in your communication toolbox.


3 responses to “A stunning new social media tactic”

  1. Da Coach says:

    Keep spreading “your words” with a Parker T-Ball Jotter…or, better yet, a Quill Pen…..

  2. Janet Wilson says:

    I agree totally about handwritten notes. I’m so glad I learned to love stationery in the 60’s as a kid. I’ve been sending handwritten letters and notes ever since. It really is a dying art.

    Pretty stationery is getting harder to find and I’m happy that Vera Bradley now makes very unique note cards and stationery.

    I also learned calligraphy in high school, so can address an envelope that really stands out.

    Your logo is outstanding.

    Janet Wilson – Janet’s Pet Planet Pet Sitting

    (ex longtime, beloved Seattle radio personality)

  3. Lee Keller says:

    I couldn’t agree more about hand-written notes. I might be old fashioned, but I still listen to my mother that thank you notes, at a minimum, should never be emailed! People remember and appreciate the old-fashioned way!
    Nice piece…

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